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Patient's Needs

The three aspects of communication that a patient feels are being inadequately tailored to their needs. 

Personalized Strategies

A curated list of specific, actionable strategies to improve communication in response to a patient's self-identified needs. The patient's preferred strategies are highlighted at the top.

Patient's Health Literacy

A comprehensive assessment of a patient's health literacy across various communication domains generated via validated health literacy screeners.

Physician Report

Thanks for signing up!

Thanks for signing up!

What people love about PERCH

“It is proactive, automated, and simple, making it trustable.”

Anonymous Physician

“PERCH makes the medical process more approachable for 
the audience based on their background and specific needs

. . . and provides the tools to disarm the process and make it more user friendly.”

Anonymous Patient

“It's driven to make patients feel more comfortable.”

Anonymous Physician

“PERCH has the potential to dramatically improve patient care.”

Anonymous Patient

Addressing health literacy could...

1 million

hospital visits annually

prevent nearly

$25 billion

a year

save over

90 million


improve care for over


Physicians’ Communication

to Patients’ Needs

Health literacy is the degree to which individuals have the ability to find, understand, and use information and services to inform health-related decisions and actions for themselves and others.


– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (read more)

Our Mission

is to create a more equitable healthcare system by working to eliminate and raise awareness about health disparities. Through personalized patient care, PERCH strives to promote shared understanding and decision-making between patients and physicians to optimize health outcomes.

Get Started

Simply click the "Get Started" button...

Rate how you feel

Answer a few Likert scale questions about aspects of healthcare communication...

Identify your needs

Select up to three statements in each area of communication: verbal, written, numerical, digital...

Generate a Personalized Report

Let your physician know what they can do to communicate better with you.



Training Programs & Toolkits

Existing Apps

Health Literacy Screeners

provide generalized strategies for all patients, but lack personalization.

focus on improving patients' health literacy, but require invested time and put pressure on patients.

determine patients' health literacy, but induce stigmas and reduced self-confidence, and do not identify next steps.

uses a data-driven and

research-backed approach to tailor strategies to individual patients and physicians.

is time-efficient and promotes patient-centered care by encouraging physicians to adjust their practices for each patient.

makes the process of sharing needs: (1) approachable by raising awareness and (2) transparent by providing actionable strategies and opening up dialogue

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